Automate the Node upgrade process

Usage: sudo ./hpbupgrade (VERSION) (PUBLICKEY) (GHPB-BIN PATH)

Download Script

Download the above script

We'd recommend placing it in the /home/ folder.

Chmod that puppy

Make the script executable by running: chmod +x hpbupgrade


Example: sudo ./hpbupgrade 0x123456...33e /opt/ghpb-bin/

Video Example


  1. This script assumes that your “pwd” file is inside your ghpb-bin directory.
  2. When specifying the version, please only include the numbers (e.g. “ghpb-v1.0.1.0” becomes “”).
  3. Please use “cat hpbupgrade” to review the source code before running, although this has been tested and working flawlessly on multiple nodes so far, we’re not responsible for anything that happens to your node.
  4. Any improvements are welcome and will be credited! Send a Telegram to Harvey